My Campaign Statement

Since I rejoined the Board of Directors a few years ago, a lot of things have happened that nobody could foresee. The last two years the pandemic forced ODTUG to act extremely agile while closely monitoring our financial situation. Switching from a regular in-person conference to a 100% virtual delivery of content to our members is quite a challenge! And in the near future we have to rethink our position: what should we do in-person and what should we do on-line – or is some kind of mix an even better approach? So we’re definitely not there yet: the future will be challenging!

I am convinced ODTUG really could benefit from the experience I have build these last years. And I like to continue!

Apart from our response to the pandemic we have more challenges to address.
For instance, what can we do to make our conferences more sustainable? How can we embrace and support local initiatives like meetups? What does the movement to the cloud mean for our members and attendees, and what new challenges and opportunities linger on the horizon?
These kind of questions need to be addressed by the next board. I would love to be part of that, and I seek your support. Thus vote for the future. Vote for Roel.