My Campaign Statement

_DSF3944I have been attending and presenting at Kscope conferences since 2007. This not only resulted in a vast amount of knowledge, but also – and even more important – a huge number of friends from all over the globe. I want to see ODTUG grow and spread this community feeling even more!

My experience as an attendee, presenter and content lead has provided the basic foundation to be a director. Next to that, my personality and (global) network will be beneficial to the whole board and organization.

In 2016 I have served on the Board of Directors in a limited term for a Director who stepped down due to a career change. This has allowed me to have unique insight of all the things that are going on in and around the ODTUG organization. As the train was already rolling full steam ahead, I tried to lend a helping hand wherever I could.

Now, I seek your support (again!) as a full term elected member of the board in order to serve a full two year term. I am really looking forward to making a difference and helping the organization continue to move forward. So what is my vision for the future of ODTUG?

Crossing boundaries
I see there are still boundaries between the ODTUG communities. There are just a few people and subjects that dare to crosse the fictive borders between these communities. But I think both ODTUG and it’s members (and Kscope attendees) could benefit from more cross border activities. EPM, Essbase, BI, APEX and Database do have an overlap – and we should benefit of the vast amount of knowledge that’s available on “the other side“.

Local initiatives are key
I am a huge fan of local initiatives. The Meetups that ODTUG members are organizing as a great way to meet either fellow ODTUGers with a similar interest area. That definitely should continue! But wouldn’t it also be great to meet fellow ODTUGers from another interest area and learn from each other? So I think, cross boundary meetups should be added to the list!

Act local, think global
Most ODTUG members are located in the USA, but there a vast number of ODTUG members and Kscope attendees that live outside of North America. Right now all ODTUG Directors (minus one) are based in the USA. But to keep ODTUG the global organization it is, I think it is crucial to have a “global” view on some subjects now and then. To name a few: timing of webinars, dates and location of Kscope and what’s hot and what’s not in Europe, Asia and South America.

And therefore … I would like to serve you as an official elected full-term member of the Board of Directors.

So don’t hesitate and vote for Roel!

Roel Hartman