My Campaign Statement

Since I re-entered the Board of Directors two years ago, a lot of things have happened. We have created a brand new Emerging Technologies track at ODTUG Kscope and we managed to run a very successful free Oracle Certification event at the last Kscope. And for a couple of years we have the ODTUG Leadership Program, which supports members to take the next step in their careers, both within ODTUG and within their own organisation.

These are just an example of the activities I have been involved in the last two years. And I really would like to continue doing so!

ODTUG as an organisation has some challenges ahead. We have to adapt to what happens in the outside world, as we did with Emerging Technologies, and we have to support and lead our members and conference attendees – that is you! – into the next decade. For instance what can we do to make our conferences more sustainable? How can we embrace and support local initiatives like meet-ups? What does the movement to the cloud mean for our members and attendees and what new challenges and opportunities linger on the horizon? 

These kind of questions need to be addressed by the next Board and I would love to be part of that. 

And I seek your support in that. So vote for the future. Vote for Roel.