Thank you for your support.  I appreciate your endorsement of my campaign for ODTUG Board of Directors, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve if elected.

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Endorsement Quotes

First criteria for board members should be active in the community – Roel definitely fits the bill here :-)

Secondly the board should ideally be balanced with regards to technology focus, gender, age, nationality.  Roel will help this balancing of ODTUG towards being genuinely international community.  He’s even seriously considering EScope: \o/
Kim Berg Hansen

He lives in the same country as I do, we went to the same university and we share the same interests, like running and APEX.  Enough reasons to support him.  Besides that I really think he can accomplish things for the APEX community in Europe for ODTUG.  He definitely deserves a place in the ODTUG board.
Learco Brizzi
Roel is the guy! I will vote for sure in Roel for ODTUG Director!
Anderson Ferreira
ODTUG is an amazing user group.  Having more ODTUG events in Europe will bring the Oracle Community closer and help European Oracle developers be better at what they do.  Roel is the right person to spearhead ODTUG’s march to Europe.
Yalim Gerger
Roel is a great down-to-earth guy.  As a long time contributor to the APEX and ODTUG community he’s an excellent candidate to bring a European vision to the ODTUG board.
Dimitri Gielis
ODTUG is an international community! In order to grow and continue to provide valuable resources to the members, world-wide, we need someone like Roel who has the experience, drive, and network to make that happen.
Kent Graziano
Great guy, smart and full of energy.  Always optimistic.  Makes things happen.  With a strong technological background, international contacts and European roots – he almost sounds too good to be true.  Comes highly recommended.
Lucas Jellema
I wholeheartedly endorse Roel Hartman for the ODTUG Board.  I’ve known Roel since 2008, when I first met him at the ODTUG Kscope conference in New Orleans.  Roel is not only a technical luminary, but he is also very much a champion and ambassador of both ODTUG and Oracle development tools.  He is a respected author and presenter.  Lastly, with the significant and growing number of Oracle and Oracle Application Express customers as well as ODTUG members in Europe, I think it would serve the ODTUG community well to have representation from a European.
Joel Kallman
Roel is a great supporter of user groups and has the time required to be a board member.  His area of expertise is APEX which is a very big area in ODTUG, he will make a great board member
Debra Lilley
For many years Roel has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Oracle community, notable the APEX community.  He blogs, writes books, speaks at conferences, and recently served as the APEX track lead for ODTUG’s Kscope14 & Kscope15.  Honestly, I don’t know where he finds the time – but he does! And that’s why I truly believe that Roel would make an excellent candidate for the ODTUG Board of Directors, especially as ODTUG seeks to broaden its global reach.
Daniel McGhan
I know Roel for many years and he is contributing to many Oracle User Groups (not only in Europe, but also US and other continents), especially in APEX and development space.  I believe that he will serve to the ODTUG community and I do support him.
Gurcan Orhan
Roel would be an excellent addition to the ODTUG Board and being based in Europe is a great bonus for taking ODTUG to the next level.
I have known Roel for years and he is always willing to give his time and expertise to help others.  He is active in forums, has a wildly popular blog and twitter.  He also sends out a weekly newsletter to help others in the community keep abreast of the latest news which must be time consuming but of great benefit to developers worldwide. 
I have worked very closely with him in his role as KScope Content Lead for APEX and it has been a pleasure due to his great attitude and communication.

David Peake
Since I’ve known Roel, he’s always thinking of ideas to help and improve people’s lives.  I’m confident he’ll use this same approach while on the ODTUG board.  I’m glad to give him my vote!
Jorge Rimblas
I believe that Roel’s collected demeanor and vast experience as an IT professional is an asset in any life situation.  I’m excited about the possibilities of seeing Roel in a leadership role within ODTUG.

Jorge Rimblas
Roel is experienced.  Roel is knowledgeable.  Roel is involved.  What else can I say that makes him a perfect fit for the ODTUG Board? When I joined the Oracle APEX community years ago, he already was a recognized expert.  I actually met him in person at my first ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference 2009 in Monterey.  Ever since, he has been a good friend, advisor and example for me.  I?m sure he can be, and is, for others too.  He certainly will be able to help realizing ODTUG?s ambitions for the coming years.
Christian Rokitta
Roel is our man for APEX in the OTDUG board.  It’s THE FACE of the APEX community and he is really a GLOBAL player.  This is what I think ODTUG needs.
Juergen Schuster
Roel is an excellent speaker and supports the community for ever.  I love his well written blog posts and his “APEX Weekly” keeps me calm not to miss anything important in the APEX world.
Juergen Schuster
For as long as I’ve known Roel he has been passionately involved in APEX and user groups.  He has a track record of commitment to ODTUG and I can’t think of anyone better suited to be a progressive board member who will increase the reach of ODTUG into Europe
John Scott
Roel likes to run a lot.  And he’s from a cool place.  Normally this would be enough to get my vote, but not this year.  He also likes beer.

But seriously, I had a hard time narrowing down my ballot to just 4 candidates.  I think it’s critical for ODTUG to have a European voice, and Roel is someone I respect very much.
Jeff Smith

Roel is the ideal candidate for the ODTUG Board, regardless of his home address.  I’ve witnessed his leadership and community building efforts for more than several years, and I encourage you to vote for him if you want a stronger ODTUG.
Jeff Smith
Roel is the embodiment of ODTUG – community, sharing, knowledge, energy, and desire to make things better.

Keep him on the board with your vote.  He’s got mine.
Jeff Smith

I got to know Roel as a major contributor to the Oracle community.  And especially in everything to do with APEX he has always been an Early Adopter.  He?s one of those guys who never thinks twice on sharing his knowledge and information.

Roel talked about his many ideas for the membership of the board and I fully support him for it!
I know it?s something he wants, I know it?s something he?ll be good at.  So, Run Roel ? RUN ? in all meanings of the word!

Roeland Van den Eynde

Of course, it s true that Roel is very active in the Oracle community, very knowledgeable and a nice guy.
But that goes for just about every candidate (if you replace guy by girl every now and then).

I think Roel can bring a more internationalized view to the ODTUG board-meeting table, as you can read in his statement.
And since he made it clear that EScope, the working title for a KScope-like conference in Europe which some want ODTUG to create, is something that needs serious considering, I think you should vote for Roel if you feel the same!

Erik van Roon

Even out of the 22 strong canditates for the ODTUG board, Roel stands out to me as clearly one of the top 4.  Help make this user group make a global impact and cast some votes.
Scott Wesley

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Kamran Aghayev David Peake
Kim Berg Hansen Adrian Png
Learco Brizzi Gert Poel
Nick Buytaert Jorge Rimblas
Iloon Ellen-Wolff Jorge Rimblas
Anderson Ferreira Christian Rokitta
Philippe Fierens Christian Rokitta
Yalim Gerger Yasin Saygili
Dimitri Gielis Juergen Schuster
Marco Gralike Juergen Schuster
Kent Graziano John Scott
Lucas Jellema Jeff Smith
Joel Kallman Jeff Smith
Jan Karremans Jeff Smith
Rick Leijs Roeland Van den Eynde
Rick Leijs Stijn Van Raes
Debra Lilley Erik van Roon
Rodolfo Luthe Jonathan van Vianen
Sergei Martens Yury Velikanov
Richard Mayenne Scott Wesley
Daniel McGhan Jurrie Zaat
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